Photo of Posrtsmouth Harbour by Charles Roper via Flickr

PARCS is a charity based in Portsmouth providing support services and therapy to survivors of sexual and domestic abuse. We work with women and men aged 5 years and above who are resident in Portsmouth and South East Hampshire. In the year 2014/2015 PARCS provided services for 1,735 people.

What were you looking for when you were looking for software and why did you need it?

PARCS were looking for a system that would be flexible enough to meet the ever changing requirements of funders and stakeholders. We also wanted a more time efficient method of collecting and analysing data.

How did you find Paloma?  Why did you decide to work with Paloma?

We became aware of Paloma through a mail out by The Survivors Trust, we were impressed with the attitude of the organisation. We really felt they had a ‘social conscience’ and demonstrated compassion and thoughtfulness in their approach to our clients.

How did you find the process of buying and incorporating the software into practice? 

Buying and implementing the system was easier than I had anticipated. We put a good plan in implementation plan in to practice and had fantastic backup from the Paloma team.

How did you manage the implementation?  What helped?  Did Paloma provide training?

We managed our implementation in stages and I think this really helped. For instance we selected a date where all new client referrals would be placed on Modus and worked with through Modus. One member of the staff team spent a lot of time with the Paloma team and then trained the rest of the staff and volunteers.

Do you access ongoing technical support?  Are you happy with it?

Yes we do access ongoing technical support and find it incredibly useful. The system is extremely reliable and so we mainly discuss changes to system requirements brought about by new funding.

How long have you been a customer of Paloma?

Two years and we feel happy with the decision we made to go with Paloma.