Llanelli Women’s Aid

Llanelli Women’s Aid is an organisation offering support to women, men and their children affected by domestic abuse. This is done through direct access to emergency accommodation, structured floating support in the community, ad hoc support in the community, perpetrator courses, women’s safety, access to mediation and counselling, etc.

How did you find Paloma Systems Ltd?  

We searched online and asked other similar domestic abuse service providers and found out that a women’s aid group nearby had arranged a presentation so we attended with them!

What was it about Paloma’s software that made you choose to buy it?

We needed a case management system to manage our case notes as well as enable us to monitor who was using our service and help us identify our outcomes.We were looking or a user friendly software with good graphics – a good all-rounder.

How did you find the process of buying and incorporating the software into practice? 

It was a very smooth process and Paloma staff were always there ready to help with any teething problems. The software is very user friendly so we had no problems on the ground with the implementation.

How did you manage the implementation?  What helped?  Did Paloma provide training?

We had the option to have training with Paloma, however at the time we thought that it will be better to have delivered by another Paloma user. Looking back we would have had the training with a Paloma member of staff especially for the admin user part. It is a good idea to have someone which is using the software explaining how they are using it however, the software is designed to meet organisation’s individual needs and learning how someone else is using it is not always the best way. Even though we had training from another Paloma user every time we need IT support staff at Paloma – Nick, Nicky and Thomas were just at the end of the phone very supportive and ready to answer any questions, show and explain everything.

Do you access ongoing technical support?  Are you happy with it?

Yes we always access the ongoing technical support, we couldn’t do without it, or shall I say will have to look in the manual and find the solution but I always prefer to ring ask and get the job done. The technical support is fabulous, friendly, knowledgeable, no jargon, always ready to help.

How long have you been a customer of Paloma?

Two years in April 2016…I can’t remember it seems that we always have used Paloma!