Coastal Housing Association

Coastal Housing Association is based in Swansea and manages 5,500 properties specialising in inner city regeneration.  A large number of our properties are dispersed accommodation for the elderly and supported tenants.

Back in 2005 we were looking for a non-integrated system for managing our rent accounts and produce job tickets.  After a short search online we found Paloma.  We felt that the company's existing client base in the UK demonstrated stability and reliability, so in 2005 we became the first users of Paloma Systems Housing Suite in Wales.

What was it about Paloma that stood out?

At the time we were looking for an SQL based system and a partner we could build a relationship with and the ability to develop the software to our changing needs.  Paloma Systems gave us the advantage of having a much more stable connection for all of our users across different departments from IT to Housing to Finance to Maintenance. And the versatility of the products provided were great - we could set up the modules the way we wanted – collecting and reporting on data regardless of individual department needs; it was very versatile.  We felt we were working with Paloma to create solutions together.

How did you get things up and running?

From the start Thomas was very helpful and enthusiastic.  He gave as much help as we needed, and was willing to adapt the system to fit our individual processes.  The system itself was uncomplicated and easy to use.  Paloma provided training for all staff and worked with us to understand our requirements.  I think it’s amazing the transition from 2004, when we had workers that could barely use e-mail, to having support workers that are actually entering case documents in Paloma Systems Housing Suite and creating electronic case records.  I don't think I'd know what to do without having Paloma Systems Housing Suite. All of us in the organisation would be lost, every staff person; support and direct service staff use it and feel comfortable with it.

What about ongoing support?  Are Paloma helpful even though you’re a long term customer?

We have always received first class support, there is always a person available to speak to, we very rarely hear the word No!  We have partnered in the development of three web applications and a mobile app as well as the continual development of the core system.