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Modus is a multi agency system developed for use by agencies involved in dealing with domestic abuse survivors, children and alleged perpetrators. Modus is government approved and is used across the UK by DV agencies, police, local and regional councils and the Probation service.


What were you looking for when you were looking for software and why did you need it?

PARCS were looking for a system that would be flexible enough to meet the ever changing requirements of funders and stakeholders. We also wanted a more time efficient method of collecting and analysing data.

Llanelli Women’s Aid

How did you find Paloma Systems Ltd?  

We searched online and asked other similar domestic abuse service providers and found out that a women’s aid group nearby had arranged a presentation so we attended with them!

What was it about Paloma’s software that made you choose to buy it?

We needed a case management system to manage our case notes as well as enable us to monitor who was using our service and help us identify our outcomes.We were looking or a user friendly software with good graphics – a good all-rounder.


Paloma have proved to be very responsive and enabled us to evidence the effectiveness of local services.  There is no doubt that MODUS is an integral tool in our efforts to address domestic abuse and sexual violence in Cambridgeshire.

Her Centre Ltd

MODUS has finally helped us to get rid of cumbersome excel spreadsheets to deliver reports for our funders and trustees. The Paloma  team are exceptionally helpful and quick in attending to our queries.

Staying put

Modus is time saving, fit for purpose, efficient and easy to navigate. Instead of using multiple information systems we have one unified, simple system which includes comprehensive case management and meets our monitoring requirements.  


Modus allows all of the team to securely store the information they hold about their clients who are survivors of domestic abuse. We run data reports with ease, and the Paloma team are extremely helpful and flexible with their support.

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