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The Fortuna Suite is a range of user-friendly, robust and reliable software solutions for small and medium sized recruitment agencies. It comprises a complete front and back office system for multi-site agencies and provides solutions agencies recruiting permanent, contract and temporary staff.

A La Carte Recruitment

What were you looking for when you bought Fortuna?

A La Carte originally opted for the Paloma, Gemini and Fortuna Enterprise system in 2007 when the DOS based booking system we were working on at that point became obsolete.  We chose the system originally due to its screen appearance, functionality and the team of people behind the product. 


We have been using Paloma’s recruitment software for several years and have recently benchmarked against their competitors but decided not to move. Their software is user friendly and saves us time and money. Support is exceptional. In short, it makes our lives easier.

GM Recruitment

The Enterprise and Gemini programmes have been a key instrument in the growth of our business. The support service that Paloma offers is excellent and we have always appreciated the continuous development of the products. 

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