Our Software is Flexible

We have been working for the past 25 years to develop flexible software solutions alongside our clients to ensure we have created and continue to evolve the flexible system our customers need. 

Our systems are flexible as they can be adapted to a solution that suits you the client. Each solution, whether for a recruitment agency, a housing association or an agency requiring case management tools, has options that help mould the software to fit your organisations processes.

And in addition we remain flexible to enhancing our solution to fit the changing market that you operate in; be it government legislation or funders reporting needs or your own client requirements we are committed to providing the flexibility you need to function effectively. 

For example, within one of our case management solutions you can choose to use an Outcome Star to evidence success; or introduce a Check List to manage a process; or create your own digital templates to collect and collate your own unique set of data.

Within each flexible software solution you are able to categorise data, such as Supporting People or the National Drug Agency dataset for the case management solutions.  We have the profile and content set up to meet the requirements you have been tasked to provide by your funding agency, board of trustees and senior management.

And if a solution is required that falls outside of one of our standard solutions then we offer the option of having a flexible bespoke software solution tailored to your needs.