Our web-based case management software for organisations operating in the domestic and sexual abuse, stalking and substance abuse sectors has been developed over the past 8+ years by working closely with domestic violence agencies, rape crisis centres, the Police and the Home Office. We have worked with organisations in each of these areas to produce our outstanding suite of applications, which are updated on a regular basis to keep abreast of current developments.

Our client base covers England and Wales and enables agencies to operate more efficiently and provide a better service to their clients in turn.

  • InScope – enabling a multi-agency approach to the management of repeat offenders who may or may not have an addiction
  • Modus (pictured) – case management system for domestic abuse agencies to enable them to record, monitor and process client records
  • Modus Janus – for managing help desks and call centres - developed for the Suzy Lamplaugh Trust
  • Modus Soteria – for SARC’s and Rape Crisis Centres to record, monitor and process client records
  • PalBase – for drug intervention programme agencies in England and Wales to manage people referred for treatment and care
  • Safenet – monitor and manage prolific offenders who are substance abusers
  • Securahome – managing home security and handyperson services