About What We Do.

Paloma Systems is based in the South East, and has been working with industry sector providers across the UK since 1992 to provide innovative, intuitive systems based on current work practices that help to ease the burden of administration, and also facilitate the movement of information both within organisations and with partner agencies. While we do have specific sectors that we are active in, we are very happy to discuss bespoke software with you, we thrive on challenge in an ever moving technological world.

Our software packages have been developed alongside industry sector providers, which has enabled us to ensure our systems are innovative, intuitive and based on current work practices. We ensure our systems work for you as you need them to - because we listen to you, the provider!

About Paloma Systems Ltd

We Are A Brighton Based Software Provider

Paloma Systems Ltd has been delivering innovative software solutions since 1992. Our powerful, flexible and measurable systems can transform your work practice and the lives of your staff and clients.

In summary, we are one of the largest providers of case management and recruitment agency software in the UK. A trusted organisation that has provided safe software solutions for 25 years. We have been approved by various Police Forces and government agencies to manage and maintain sensitive data that is reliable and safe, will not corrupt and operates on all browser based devices.

Our software packages have been developed alongside industry sector providers which has enabled us to ensure our systems are innovative because they are based on current work practice and intuitive because we listen to you, the provider - we ensure our systems work for you as you need them to!

Bringing your ideas to life.

What We Do

We design, develop and create innovative software solutions to companies in multiple sectors. We pride ourselves in delivering exceptional customer support and empowering your organisation to maximise efficiency.

As a software company we are constantly evolving, keeping abreast of emerging technologies, and constantly looking for challenges and delivering on those. We have solutions across a wide range of sectors, backed up by great customer support and teamwork; we’ve got you covered.
We know that requirements change for each business and we work alongside you to quickly react and provide powerful business solutions when you need them.

Here are some of the main sectors we provide solutions for.

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Missing Persons & Exploitation
Stalking, Sexual & Domestic Abuse
Substance Abuse

Who We Work With

We help and work with organisations that care - about their employees, the impact they make, and their place in society - across multiple locations from around the UK, Ireland, Guernsey and Jersey - who are prepared to join in a team effort to deliver web solutions that work for you.

We help companies transform the way they do business, providing software solutions to companies of any size from across the UK, Ireland, Guernsey and Jersey.

Here are just a few


Surrey Police

Surrey Police

MODUS makes everything about the MARAC process quicker, easier and more efficient. We are able to input all our information onto one database which has reduced the time we used to spend doing separate documents for everything and our partner agencies are all able to access this information and no longer need to email and request information. It is a much more effective system and also helps information be shared that before we would have to wait a month for - which is much better for safeguarding and helping victims of DA.

Emily Nurcombe -MARAC Coordinator
Thames Valley Police

Elpis has opened up new possibilities in how we collect and interpret data on missing people.

Adopting the system has allowed us to go beyond basic statistics and explore key themes and trends, helping us identify areas for development and opportunities for proactive intervention.

Without Elpis much of the work we carry out would not be possible, it has been an invaluable tool in our response to missing people and an instrumental part of our service delivery.

Rosanna Lloyd -Elpis System Analyst

Thames Valley Police


Leicestershire Police

Leicestershire Police

The cooperation and support every year from you to seek agreement for funding and future use has been outstanding and we couldn’t have done it without you!

It was agreed that the system meets all of our needs and more, we have requested multiple changes which have all been provided and the price has stayed the same!

Thank you for all of your support.

Sharon Jones -MARAC Co-ordinator LLR
A La Carte Recruitment
Fortuna Suite

We would have no hesitation in recommending Paloma Systems … for other recruitment agencies and remain extremely happy with our choice of partner.

Since that point we have been extremely happy with our choice; the product has been developable to suit our changing requirements and the legislative changes imposed by AWR.

Ashley Ball -Branch Manager

A La Carte Recruitment


Two Saints Limited

Two Saints Limited

Since implementing Harmonia 7 years ago our business has expanded considerably; Harmonia has not only helped us to win new contracts, it has also helped provide sound justification for existing contracts to be renewed.

Harmonia has reduced the time spent on administration and helped us increase efficiency levels; and above all allowed us to provide a better service to all of our clients helping them rebuild their lives for a brighter future.

Nigel Miles - IT Manager