Securahome is a web-based solution for managing home security and handyperson services that are provided in local communities especially useful for agencies working with vulnerable adults.

Securahome is currently used by the police and charities to provide accurate and quick information on what services have been offered and subsequent work carried out for victims of burglaries.

Key features of Securahome include a full database of all properties and occupants involved in the scheme, out of hours updates to enable staff to keep on track of actions 24/7, details of jobs booked, progress made, schedule of works to be carried out and by whom etc., easy to track and itemise equipment needed and associated costs, track visits such as time spent, risks logged and what security systems have been addressed, i.e. fire, key, security.

As a web based product it can facilitate a multi-agency approach where records are shared between agencies working to manage the well-being and promote positive outcomes for clients.

To find out more about how you can incorporate Securahome into your case management processes please get in touch by emailing