PalBase is a web based solution which was developed alongside and with the help of drug intervention programme agencies in England and Wales to manage people referred for treatment and care.

PalBase features include the tracking of clients through all their treatment including follow up, attendance and drop out, the identification and management of risk, the analysis of offending behaviour, the management of waiting times and discharge information; with the additional and important feature of complying with the Community Minimum Data Set.

PalBase meets, and will continue to meet as the specifications change, all DIR requirements.

PalBase monitors acquisitive crime habits to support the system of substance misuse referrals and ensuring effective continuity in tracking and monitoring of appointments, treatments offered and the progress made by each client following referral to a particular scheme

PalBase stores key information about clients and includes a comprehensive reports generator (including Home Office Monitoring reports) which is able to collate information into clear and detailed reports for statistical analysis.

As a web based product it can facilitate a multi-agency approach where records are shared between agencies working to manage the well-being and promote positive outcomes for clients.

To find out more about how you can incorporate PalBase into your case management process’ please get in touch by emailing