Modus Soteria

Modus Soteria is a case management system developed over many years working alongside agencies such as SARC’s and Rape Crisis Centres to enable them to record, monitor and process their client records; using support plans, case notes and questionnaires to evidence all work undertaken Modus Soteria can provide an invaluable resource for staff, managers and trustees. Modus Soteria can evidence outcomes and provide a benchmark for establishing minimum standard requirements for service providers operating in different areas so is particularly welcomed by commissioners. 

As a web based product it can facilitate a multi-agency approach where records are shared between agencies working to manage the well-being and promote positive outcomes for survivors of abuse.

Key features of Modus Soteria include the ability to manage the SARC process including full forensic recording, track progress of cases and cross reference alleged perpetrator details and monitor criminal justice actions.

The Modus Soteria Client Matrix

The reporting functions and ability to monitor who is using your service, for how long and what the outcome of closed cases are make it an invaluable resource for any organisation working with survivors of sexual assault; additional case processing opportunities are available for the Outcome Star and numerous templates and questionnaires that can monitor the health and well-being of the clent.

To find out more on how Modus Soteria can help you manage your case load email