Jamm is a full Repairs and Asset Management system that enables housing associations to keep track of planned, cyclical and emergency maintenance as well as the management of assets or stock. Existing Housing Association clients find it simple, flexible and powerful.

Simple in that the most junior of staff are able to carry out their tasks with minimal support and training. Flexible in that all tasks needed to manage repairs are available and evolve as the sector's needs change. Powerful in that the most difficult of processes and tracking / reporting of data are available with minimal keystrokes as all data related to the repairs process are found and maintained within one system particularly those related to the tracking of repairs and customer satisfaction, to the recording of all building and property details, and to the ability to manage all assets, to manage projects and keep track of spending and ensure work is completed on budget and within target.

Jamm is integrated with Wrapp to provide a total solution for housing associations to manage all building and housing maintenance requirements along with lettings.

To find out how JAMM can help email enquiries@paloma.co.uk