InScope is a web application that combines the best features of SafeNet, our IOM dedicated package, and PalBase, our drug treatment application, enabling a multi-agency approach to the management of repeat offenders who may or may not have an addiction and, with a comprehensive feature list, enables our clients to manage and understand every aspect of offender information easily and quickly, and save costs through more efficient allocation of staff resources.

InScope has been designed to automate business processes that are unique to both DIP and repeat offender management and enables full data sharing between partner agencies, with strict security features in place to prevent unauthorised access.

InScope features include case management functionality to allow users to effectively monitor each client including assessments, care planning, case notes/contact log, scheduling and substance abuse monitoring; the ability for managers to effectively allocate case workers; full DIP and NDTMS Compliance whereby InScope follows the Drug Intervention Process (DIP) from test on arrest to referral to DATs and specialist treatment agencies for tier 1,2,3,4 treatment modalities; handles appointment scheduling for their treatment journey, and tracks client attendance and performance against user-defined objectives and measurement criteria; supports the established rehabilitation goals within the Support Care Plan for each client and the necessary steps to be taken to achieve each goal; captures offence costings which can then be extracted and analysed with offence, laboratory, forensic, administrative and manhunt costs able to be summarised and cost analysis reports produced though the report model as required.

Inscope is able to effectively manage the “Non-attendance to Required Assessments” to allow the case manager to notify the breach to the police who can then issue arrest warrants. Each InScope user has the ability at any time to display all their notes or work items. Contact notes are directed to pre-defined users assigned to that case. All generated messages will be stored directly in the client’s record.

As a web based product it can facilitate a multi-agency approach where records are shared between agencies working to manage the well-being and promote positive outcomes for clients.

To find out more about how you can incorporate InScope into your case management processes please get in touch by emailing