Our Software is Powerful

Over the past 25 years’ Paloma Systems have developed a variety of software products that have emerged as the tool of choice for recruitment agencies, housing associations and the charity sector requiring case management tools.

Whether it’s a recruitment agency sourcing staff to the catering world, a Housing Association keeping on top of maintenance and rental income, or a charity working on the frontline with clients of complex needs, Paloma’s software has the power to keep services not only on track but to provide powerful analytical tools to manage complex data.

And it doesn’t stop with the power afforded to manage complex data as with our fully web based applications you have the power to collect the data anywhere anytime.

Robust and ready for any challenge…

We have achieved our aim of providing powerful software by using developmental tools that are powerful, flexible and robust aligned with a database engine that is the industry standard; and a design imposed on our web applications to be free from hacking and secured within a powerful server farm that meets all the central government and security forces guidelines.