Our Software is Measurable

We have been working for the past 25 years to develop software solutions alongside our clients to enable you to measure your performance, your staff and your success with your clients.

We are aware that your needs will be specific or dependent on your industry and as we work with recruitment agencies, housing associations and the chartable sector we have discussed each sector below in more detail.

Demonstrate the need for your service to commissioners…

For those looking to implement our case management solutions you will be able to detail the profile of your clients across a wide range of demographics; along with how often they used your services, which services, and what the outcome was. Our systems have been developed alongside our clients to establish a range of methodologies, such as the Outcome Star, Supporting People, or Safe Lives Insights, so that you are not restricted to any one process but can choose that which works best for you and which works best to report back to commissioners.

For example, Modus and Harmonia have been developed alongside domestic abuse agencies, rape crisis centres and housing associations to provide multi-functional case management systems that can provide client records that are based on standardised data sets which means that, if you so wish, you can use the information gathered to benchmark your service against similar services in other areas and can demonstrate how your service measures up against national standards and/or national average profiles. 

Managers can monitor staff time and direct resources where they are needed…

Regardless of the software solution you are using you can find out what type of work your staff are doing and with which cohort of clients so that you can direct your resources to areas of priority, and ensure the organisation has the capacity to provide the most effective service and enables you to improve practice. 

Manage Risks…

A key part of the role of case management software is to manage risk. For example, the MARAC module found in each of our case management solutions has been developed and refined by working with police and multi-agency committees across the country to enable the lead agency to manage risk and track progress of cases referred; record outcomes and ensure all high risk cases are tagged and highlighted so that staff can ensure they are kept abreast of all relevant changes and court updates to ensure the safety of the victim is at the heart of their practice.

Measurable Goals for Recruitment Agencies

Most recruitment agencies work with 1,000’s of employees and prospective candidates every day.  Our Recruitment software will help you highlight your success stories and show customers and competitors how effective you are.  We can enable you to summarise your monthly reports – to demonstrate, for example, how successful you have been in placing candidates and responding to the needs of the sector you work in.