About us

Powerful, Flexible & Measurable Software

Paloma Systems Ltd has been delivering innovative software solutions since 1992. Our powerful, flexible and measurable systems can transform your work practice and the lives of your staff and clients.

To date we have worked with over 1,000 agencies in the UK and Ireland, Guernsey and Jersey, large and small:

  • Our Fortuna Software Suite of web-based software are used by Recruitment Agencies across the UK and Ireland helping them place 1,000’s of staff every week most notably in the niche market of multi-placements.
  • Our Modus Software suite is used by organisations helping survivors of domestic abuse, stalking and sexual violence across the UK, Jersey and Guernsey. Organisations range from the statutory and voluntary sector including Local Authorities, Independent Domestic Abuse Advocates (IDVA), Police Forces, Rape Crisis Centres, Sexual Assault Referral Centres and DV Agencies. Modules include the internationally recognized Outcome Star, the nationally recognized Insights methodology from SafeLives, the Welsh specific supporting people methodology, and multiple risk assessments and well-being methodologies to name but a few.
  • Our Housing Software Suite is used by housing associations across the UK for managing rents, repairs, supporting vulnerable tenants / clients and monitoring measureable outcomes. The HA Suite provides a complete solution to managing the different facets of a Housing Association with the option of choosing individual components of the suite to suit the needs of the organisation.
  • Our Substance Abuse software is used by organisations to provide effective treatment of substance abuse and to help reduce repeat offenders following the nationally recognized treatment methodology as expressed by the English and Welsh governments.
  • Of special interest is our Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Committee’s (MARAC) module which is a bespoke web-based case management system for organisations operating MARAC’s to provide an efficient, cost effective, trustworthy site that can be used by multiple agencies to report into the MARAC process to reduce risk and promote positive outcomes, in part as the module follows SafeLives guidelines carefully and accurately.

In summary, we are one of the largest providers of case management and recruitment agency software in the UK.  A trusted organisation that has provided safe software solutions for 25 years. We have been approved by various Police Forces and government agencies to manage and maintain sensitive data that is reliable and safe, will not corrupt and operates on all browser based devices.

Our software packages have been developed alongside industry sector providers which has enabled us to ensure our systems are innovative because they are based on current work practice and intuitive because we listen to you, the provider - we ensure our systems work for you as you need them to!

Whatever your aim – achieving better outcomes, managing risk, reducing administration, managing rents or deploying staff – we have the software.

If you want to know more about how Paloma Software Systems can provide a solution to a more efficient and effective service contact us today!